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Stainless Steel Indoor Single Dust Bin

Max offers high quality stainless steel indoor single dust bin at a very nice price. In order to meet the needs of different consumers and different use scenario, Max designed a variety of stainless steel indoor single dust bins and indoor litter bins, we have open top, side mouth, swing top, with ashtray and lock series. Let the consumers configure the indoor recycle containers according to different scenarios.

Stainless Steel Trash Cans On Sale

Why choose cheap stainless steel trash can

1. Different from the plastic trash and iron trash can, the stainless steel trash can is more durable and more stable of its material. We use 201 grade stainless to make our products to keep the quality stable, also the price is in a very reasonable range acceptable to the public. Good quality with cheap price, which is the most cost-effective to the similar items.

2. As a new type of steel, stainless steel itself ensures the advantages of iron, high hardness, easy forging, easy forming and so on. Under the condition of processing into stainless steel, it removes some shortcomings of iron, such as easy to rust, easy corrosion and so on, which prolongs the service life of stainless steel. 

3. Stainless steel from the theme keel structure to the panel are made of different stainless steel materials, and the inner tank is galvanized to make all kinds of anti-corrosion better. Combined with a certain degree of late simple maintenance, the whole cleaning and maintenance work becomes quite simple.

Application small steel dustbin

Small steel dustbin are including the room dustbin, kinchen bin, toilet bin and office bin.etc. Due to its simple design and  function, these kind products are suitable for all ages to meet our daily life's waste disposal requirements.

For this kind of small trash can, the biggest point is that it does not take up space and does not hoard too much rubbish. First of all, it is very suitable for students to use in self-study rooms or narrow dormitories, apartments and other spaces, which can maintain good sanitary conditions and do not occupy space to facilitate daily life. It is also a good choice for singleton apartments, staff dormitories or small storage rooms with insufficient living space. All in all, single indoor dustbin is the best choice for a small space, not only to meet daily needs, but also to make life more textured and refined.

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