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Stainless Steel Outdoor Waste Bin

Max offers a vast selection of Stainless steel outdoor waste bin, including outdoor stainless steel recycle dustbin with the ashtray, outdoor stainless steel recycle dustbin with lock, etc..

Outdoor Stainless Steel Trash Bins For Sale

According to the different usage scenarios, Max divides the Stainless steel outdoor waste bin into two categories: one is mostly used in Airport/School/Shopping Mall/Metro/Office/Hotel/Hospital or the commercial center, and the other one is used in the street. Most of the outdoor stainless dustbins used in the street are multi-compartment types, and these dustbins are designed with rich logos to guide people to sort the garbage, which is a very considerate detail. However, the Stainless steel outdoor waste bins used in the commercial center will be simpler and most of them are one-compartment, Max designed these is due to the trash in the commercial center are not as complicated as the streets. Different Stainless steel outdoor bin has a different mouth design. Except for the mouth design, We can also provide logo design services to meet your company's needs.

We have sufficient supplies to meet your needs and we also provide customized services. If you are interested in Max Stainless steel outdoor dustbins, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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