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Stainless Steel Room/Pedal Bin

Max offers a vast selection of stainless steel room pedal bin, such as one-compartment, two-compartment, and three-compartment. Our bins have been modified to provide greater durability, stability, and ease of use.

Cheap Pedal Bin For Sale

The top lid of our stainless steel room pedal bin is operated by a foot pedal and the lid is fitted with a damper mechanism allowing it to close smoothly. It is very convenient for some stinky garbage. The top lid can stop that lingering smell of trash. The stainless steel room pedal bin from Max has a large capacity, it is useful for someplace where it always has a lot of garbage.

In fact, a stainless steel room pedal bin with a lid can be used in many situations. Whether you need a stainless steel room pedal bin for a house bathroom, house kitchen or office, we have you covered at Max. To meet the needs of consumers, we provide logo and slogan design services on the trash can.

We have sufficient supplies to meet your needs and we also provide customized services. If you are interested in Max stainless steel room pedal bin, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Overview of pedal bin mechanism

Pedal dustbin provides convenience for our life with the ingenious design of mechanical linkage principle. Inside the bin there's a rod to connect lid and pedal, free hands by step on the pedal to keep the lid open and close when throwing garbage. The bumper is used on the trash can to keep the lid closing slowly, avoiding making loud noise, which make the pedal dustbin more suitable for indoor places.

The foot-type garbage can is composed of an outer cylinder, an inner cylinder, a cylinder cover, a bracket, a connecting rod, a pedal rod and so on. The barrel includes a barrel body and a bucket cover pivoted to each other, and the bucket cover is connected with a transmission mechanism for controlling the opening and closing of the barrel cover. 

The utility model is characterized in that it comprises a foot pedal, a lever structure and a connecting rod, the foot pedal is arranged at the bottom of the barrel and is located outside the barrel, the lever structure comprises a fixed seat and a lever, one end of the lever is connected with the foot pedal, the other end is connected with the connecting rod, the middle is connected with the fixed seat, the connecting rod is longitudinally arranged on the outside of the barrel body, and the other end of the connecting rod is pivotally connected with the barrel cover, and the pivot is located on the inside of the pivot joint between the barrel cover and the barrel body. The pedal trash can adopts the structure of lever principle. 

Advantages of foot operated pedal bins

Comparing with traditional dustbins, foot operated pedal bin has many obvious advantages. First of all, cover on top of the bin avoids foul smells sepread from internal construction when there full with garbage. Secondly, foot pedeal operated to open and close to free your hands when throwing garbage. Thirdly, pedal soft-closing design to keep silence to make it more suitable for indoor places. Fourthly, perfect combination of stainless steel and plastic,  s stainless steel barrel body makes the product strong and durable, plastic bottom to protect the floor from scratching. In modern time, trash cans are becoming more and more popular due to above advantages, and we believe the pedal will bring our customers a more comfortable, safer and better life experience by choosing our products!

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