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Stanchion set overview

Stanchion sets are a perfect queue control system for venues, you can stylishly seal off areas or mark restricted locations with our classic and elegant stanchion rope set, such as nightclubs, restaurants, conference centres and theatres where the decoration demands a more classic and sophisticated barrier system. The high-quality ropes soothe the appearance of a barrier, making it more elegant than restrictive. Normally a stanchion set is including post, base cover, heavy base and some other accessories like the sign frame, rope and belt cassette.etc. Most of there parts can be replaced when there is anything broken or when clients want some more addition usage functions. 

Stanchion post signs overview

Custom retractable belt stanchions post sign is an extra functional accessory of stanchion set, which connects on the top of the post to show some editable text and logo.To show the information through the transparent acrylic panels of the sign frame provides a more intuitive and convenient double-sided display.

Stanchion post signs can play a textual auxiliary role, because many times signs can play a clearer guiding role, bright signs can print the company's logo or rules for queuing and passenger flow guidance, is an indispensable and efficient tool to maintain order.

Safety stanchion post overview

Safety stanchion post is the main component of a stanchion set. A safety stanchion post is used to keep crowds safer and more organized. It’s a compact, versatile, and effective way to create queueing areas. And they can also be used for safety measures in and around construction sites. 

The color of Safety stanchion post is usually very eye-catching, and it can be recognized at a glance in the crowd. When there are many people, the order is not easy to maintain, and the crowd needs conspicuous instructions and guidance, so, Safety stanchion post is an indispensable tool to maintain order for large flow of people, places prone to accidents, as well as dangerous places such as construction sites and construction areas.

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