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Stanchion Accessories

Max offers high-quality stanchion accessories at a very reasonable price. Maybe one day the straps of your belt stanchion will be retracted for the last time. But why should you buy an entirely new stanchion when you can purchase a Replacement Belt Cassette and install it yourself? Instead of handling a perfect belt stanchion, make it complete again by switching the belt quickly and easily. Instead of replacing the entire stanchion when it breaks, you can replace only the broken piece. We supply various replacement Stanchion accessories.

Max stanchion accessories create additional functionality and value for your queues and barriers. Max offers a range of stanchion accessories. Check out our stanchion accessories, including plastic chain clips, hooks, and connectors.

If you’re interested in our Stanchion accessories, contact us today for specialized help. We also have stanchion replacement parts available and hanging safety signs. Please call our customer service for assistance.

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