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Guangzhou Max will set up its own warehouse in 2019 to provide sellers with a batch of products with price advantage and good quality.

Our warehouse is a place used for the storage or accumulation of Recycling bin/Stanchion/luggage rack/Ashtrays. It guarantees the safekeeping of our products. Warehouses enable us to carry on production throughout the year and to sell our products, whenever there is adequate demand.

First, we design classification dustbin, sorted by 2, 3, 4, compartments, etc., help the community to classify garbage, recycling, environmental protection, and so on, at the same time, also facilitate buyers to choose.

Second, we also produce the outdoor barrel, single barrel, round barrel, and so on, are very popular in the market to compare. To provide high quality products and services to our customers across the world, Max has developed a certified training program for our workers and stuffs.

Finally, Max has a wide range of in stock dustbin that is available for purchase, We have all the hot items in stock and we can be sure that the phenomenon of out of stock will not happen in our company.

If you have a need for dustbins, please choose Max, we can give you the most perfect shopping experience.

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