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Guangzhou Max develops a batch of new products with market competitiveness so that suppliers can better choose our trash cans, stanchion, luggage racks, ash columns, and other products.

Max believes that the new trash bin/garbage design not only needs to meet the consumers' visual needs, but also needs to make the product easy to use. We provide various dustbin design pics for you to choose, please don't hesitant to contact us.

Max wants to make our product more design-friendly. Therefore, we spend a lot of time and energy updating our product design. The goal is to make our products not only user-friendly but also environmental-friendly.

In order to design such user-friendly and environmental-friendly trash cans, we did some market research to understand the needs of consumers. After this investigation, we found that different consumers have different choices of trash cans.Therefore, according to different usage scenarios and applicable consumers, we have designed garbage bins with different shapes, which are convenient to use in airports, schools, parks and other places. At the same time, we have added the design of the inner bucket, which is convenient for sanitation workers to clean the dustbin.

As an environmentally friendly dustbin company, Max hopes to make a contribution to the environmental protection of the world through our series of environmentally friendly products.

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