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Wall Ashtray

As there are a variety of ashtrays on the market, you need to consider which type is best for your space. Max offers a large selection of affordable high-quality wall-mounted ashtrays in a variety of styles, convenient for placement. Outdoor smoking areas are a common feature of public places such as clubs, bars, and workplaces. Especially in the workplace, these areas need to be away from the main work area. The idea is to keep non-smokers from being exposed to second-hand or passive smoke. If you set up an area near the office entrance, such exposure is inevitable. You may use a specially designed smoking ashtray for outside smoking areas. If you want to save ground space in a designated area, wall Ashtrays are a good choice.

Max offers high-quality stainless steel wall ashtrays. When buying these products, you also need to consider their size, shape, and openings. Be careful not to buy wall ashtrays with a large opening so that smokers don't throw away anything other than cigarette butts. Disposing of cigarette butts and rubbish such as chewing gum wrappers, plastic bags, and paper may cause a fire. Choose an ashtray with a small opening and narrow design to prevent excess oxygen from entering, thus quickly extinguishing the butt.

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