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【Fortune Global Forum·2017 Guangzhou】

Since 1995, the Fortune Global Forum has convened world leaders and the heads of global business---the chairmen, presidents, and CEOs of the world’s largest companies---on the dynamic frontiers of international commerce. The 2017 Global Forum was held in Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China on December 6-8.

“The Fortune Global Forum is one of the most influential forums on economic development in the world.” Luckily, Guangzhou MAX get the chance to take part in the event that attracted worldwide attention in other special way. 

This time we are fortunate to obtain permission to manufacture the patented garbage bin for Guangzhou streets. 500pcs of the street recycle bins are made by Guangzhou MAX, you can see our products are widely supplied to main streets and any public places in urban district in Guangzhou if you have a visit in this modern city.

  (Click here for more details about Model # MAX-HB211)

Model # MAX-HB211 as the appointed recycle bin for 2017 Guangzhou Fortune Forum that will be presented in public to show the world that Guangzhou is not only modern city but also green & environmental friendly metropolis. 

The garbage bin is made of high quality 304# grade stainless steel with brushed and powder coated finished. The frame of the bin is molded by a whole metal brushed sheet, there is raised platform on top for printing Logo and advertising. MAX-HB211 to be both beautifully designed and supremely functional in its position.

Silk-screen printed recycle logo on the doors leads citizen to throw garbage into different compartments. Commercial advertisement could be also put on the barrel body as well for its wide & flat shape of the door and frame.

All the waste bins for the Fortune Global Forum are required to equip with fiber glass inner bins, comes with ashtray between the compartments to avoiding fire when burning cigarette butts throw into the inner barrel in a wrong way.

(More information about MAX-HB211 please click here)

Recently, The 2017 Guangzhou Fortune Forum has been finished for a vary long time, Guangzhou MAX’s products still can be seen on the streets. They work well and play the very important roles in daily life.
The Fortune Global Forum creates a valuable opportunity for the CEOs of the world’s biggest multinational companies---the Fortune Global 500---to actively engage with China and its leaders from both business and government. Guangzhou MAX also takes this opportunity to introduce its excellent products to the people around the world, in the future, we would like to prompt our waste bin, stanchion, luggage rack and any other items to the larger international markets.

China ASEAN Exposition (CAEXPO)

Standing out from the other trade fairs, the CAEXPO bears the mission of consolidating the friendly relationships between China and ASEAN, accelerating the CAFTA construction and promoting the cooperation between both sides in various fields.

It is a government-sponsored event that wins supports of all parties concerned and attracts the active participation of enterprises of both sides. Here you can also see Guangzhou MAX’s retractable belt stanchion, as a cooperation partner of CAEXPO, we take this chance to introduce our masterpiece - retractable belt stanchions to the international friends by supplying them to the exhibition halls.

With beauty and practicality, Module#LG-A1 Belt Stanchion is always popular to our clients, not even the Chinese market but also the oversea markets. Stainless steel structure makes it more stable to extend service life, avoiding replacing frequently in daily using to reduce maintenance costs effectively.

Heavy base with enough weight to keep it steady and not easy to put it down. Four-way connection system to keep order accommodatingly under the situation of large volume of flowing visitors.

Retractable belt cassette with automatic recovery system, using 301#SS spring inside instead the metal one ensures to provide adequate power to endure thousands of stretches in daily usage.

(More details please refer to our official site at: https://www.maxmpf.com/)

Customized silk-screen printed Logo and contents on belt or pole are available. Guangzhou MAX’s Logo is printed on the top of the pole in this order, more people know about Guangzhou MAX’s Products and we would like to show more people with our excellent quality as well.


CAEXPO drives forward cooperation in trade, economy and other fields as well as the people-to-people exchanges with its great political and diplomatic influence. And the rich outcomes produced in sectors like trade, economy and people-to-people exchanges in turn increase the bilateral political mutual trust and friendly exchanges. Guangzhou MAX get this chance to show the excellent quality of “MADE-IN-CHINA”, we are pleasure to bring more international friends the different experience, especially the friends come from Southeast Asia.
Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge Zhuhai Port

【Congratulation!!! Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge Zhuhai Port becomes one partner of Guangzhou MAX!!!】

We are proud that our products can be applied to this Super Engineering!!! The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge is the first large-scale infrastructure project jointly developed by the governments of Guangdong province, the Hong Kong special administrative region and the Macao special administrative region under the principle of "one country, two systems".

Our client has choose three different type waste bins for this project. Recently, MAX’s waste bins have already put into use in Zhuhai Port. With the opening of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge on October 24th,2018, they will play the very important and indispensable roles in their position!

(Customized recycle bin)                        (Modle#MAX-SN92)                     (Modle#MAX-SN97)

All the recycle bins are customized by Guangzhou Max, the whole bin instructed by 304 stainless steel with brushed finished, requirement of high quality material avoids getting rust easily.
The recycle bin with separated compartments are really popular in the market. In this order, the customized 2-compartment bins are really the masterpiece of Guangzhou MAX, it will refresh people's understanding of the environmental dustbin!

 Why does it stand out among so many competitors?

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people will have a comprehensive consideration when they choose a waste bin! Practical, safety, and delicate would be the factors to be considered, MAX’s customized bin become a perfect choice for people!

This time we will focus on introducing our customized 2-compartment recycle bin! The oval-shape design waste bins are more safety at the places with large volume of passengers, full welding without visible welding point on surface make it matches well with the port hall, no metal burrs at the edges reduces the hidden dangers.

Plastic inner bins inside, more convenient to do cleaning and prevents corrosion when water and any other mordant liquid drop into the bin. Top removable lid with big-open inclined slots to make sure that garbage can be threw into the inner liners.

Rubber ring at the bottom to be gentle with the floor, no need to touch floor directly. Preventing making loud noise when moving the waste bin. Silk-screen printed Logo and message on each side of the body makes it to be unique and more discerning in public places.

We sincerely thank you for our clients’ trust and support, letting us have this opportunity to take part in the environmental protection construction of world’s longest sea crossing! In the future, Guangzhou MAX would like to devote to more and more super engineering to provide better crafts!

The 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games - Thrilling Games, Harmonious Asia

MAX’s portfolio of commercial clients is a reflection of our quality products, exceptional customer service and trusted project execution.
In 2010, the 16the Asian Games was held in Guangzhou, China. It’s pleasure to be one of the cooperation partners of Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing committee to provide garbage bin for the Asian Games Village and sports venue.
This order from Asian Games Committee contains 3 kinds garbage bins: MAX-HK19, MAX-HK26 & MAX-HK16. All the bins were used for outdoor public areas required to be with high quality in order to make the garbage bins work well in the world attracted sports event. 

The garbage bins for Asian Games all are structured by iron with green & white powder coating, they performance well and effectively extending the service life in hot and humid environment in this modern city in the south of China.  

Seamless welding makes the garbage bins safer and looks fantasy in Athlete Village Sub-zone. Punching holes on the barrel body to make air circular to keep it tidy. User-friendly design with ashtray on top leads people to quiet cigarette conveniently. The garbage bin can be fixed on the floor through the punching holes at the base to prevent stealing or removing without any authorization.


Guangzhou MAX is the best waste bin manufacturer for government events and projects, we devoted our efforts to make our products excellent and work well in positions. The garbage bin of Guangzhou MAX created cleaning & eco-friendly atmosphere for athletes, prompting them to bring us an exciting competition in the Asian Game. We also take this opportunity to express thanks to GAGOC for letting us join the Asia Game through such a special way, and we do have faith to believe our products will appear in more and more international venues & events to provide people more comfortable and eco-friendly environment. 
【Project of Shenyang New World Expo in Jilin Province】

In 2017, with construction significantly complete, Shenyang New World Expo signed a contract with Guangzhou MAX for designing and delivering the appropriate style recycle bin for new exhibition hall.  

Finally, MAX-HB11 four compartments recycle bin was applied to this expo center for its simple and chic design style. 

The recycle bin is made of high quality stainless steel with brushed finished. Eyes-catching printed symbols with different colors on the body help for separate collection, and it looks more harmoniously with the building.

Top big opening for easy throwing, slope mouth makes sure rubbish thrown inside the bin. Without any sharp edge reduces the hidden danger when using, more safety and suitable to the public area.

The standing bins placed by the wall, matching well with the tile floor and also bringing visitor good visual experience.

Shenyang New World Expo is the newest and the most modern Convention & Exhibition Centers in the Northeast of China, located in the capital city of Liaoning province. Spread over an area of 24,000 square meters for exhibition and additional 4,000 square meters space for conference and banquet usage. This ultra-modern commercial space has been designed to satisfy a comprehensive range of corporate requirements in a business environment created to maximise commercial growth, as well as offering display platform for new products and inventions.

The Waste Bin For Government In Kewait

This waste bin was used for government in Kuwait,
which is made of high quality SS 304# & SS 316#
 with satined finish and design by Max factory.
The number of customer purchase are 850 piece,
and production time within 20 days.
It is a modern litter bin solution with different
capacities to meet positioning requirements
depending on how busy sites are.

With its silk print recyclable logo, aerated by
laser cutting technology, it blends discreetly into streetscapes.


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