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Southern Medical University·CHINA

Guangzhou MAX has many school projects in China and any other countries.The Chinese Southern Medical University, as one of the Chinese key universities, we feel excited to work with this higher education institutions.


MAX-HG17 as the popular street garbage bin in China, it serviced well at Southern Medical University since the day when it was put into used.

The new campus of southern university with many retro buildings.
In order to match well with the atmosphere here, the garbage bin was covered with off-white powder coating. The slats in brick-red color is more harmony and keeping the same style with the environment where it stayed.

In the conditions of rainy and wet, rain-roof appears to be particularly important and indispensable, avoiding rain water dropping and leak into the inner part and inner liner to extend the service life. Bottom heightening design makes sure the barrel to keep the a safe space from wet ground.

School is the cradle of talents, it's the hope of a nation. In recent years, more and more shcools pay attentions to environmental protection, Guangzhou MAX worked with these schools to bring hopes to our world, we are pround of it!
Dashi Central Primary School
Daxin Primary School
Open top stainless steel bin for school-2015.7.10
The Middle school affiliated to Guangzhou University 
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