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Public Trash Cans Can Also Be Beautiful Scenery

1. The role of public trash cans

Outdoor public trash cans have become an important part of the urban environment. Public trash cans look like simple containers, but they are indispensable. Its color is very conspicuous and it is easy to find. People can easily complete garbage disposal.

The public trash can is a part of public facilities and a small corner representing the image of the city. Beautiful, interesting, concise and practical, and technical appearance can give people a good impression. Public trash cans are the landscape of urban sanitation infrastructure. The style and classification of four-color trash cans reflect the city's management level and civilization. This shows the importance of public trash cans in urban infrastructure.

2. Design requirements for public trash cans are getting higher

As a public facility for storing garbage and waste, public trash cans are usually placed in outdoor public places such as parks, roadsides, communities, schools, etc. There are more and more designs of outdoor garbage bins, and new and unique designs can be seen everywhere.

These beautiful designs have changed people's impression of outdoor garbage bins. Trash cans are no longer considered to be synonymous with dirty. You can see trash cans outdoors from time to time. This has a great effect on hygiene. Outdoor garbage bins make life easier and more interesting.

With the advent of the era of garbage sorting, the requirements for public trash cans are getting higher and higher. Not only are trash bins marked, but the sorting marks of trash bins are also required to be easy to identify. The placement of garbage should be simple, time-saving, worry-free, economical and environmentally friendly.

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