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Rational Use of Waste Sorting Bin to Protect the Environment

With the progress of the times, people's living standards are greatly improved. As a result of the improvement of medical care, the number of people in the world has been increased. However, although we have been advocating environmental protection and have also taken some measures to solve the environmental problems, there are even more and more wastes and rubbish in our daily life. Ironically, we're the ones who make the garbage, which is a question worth pondering over. The use of waste sorting bins is our effort to protect the environment.

1. The classification of waste sorting bins

(1) Recyclable waste refers to the waste that can be reprocessed and reused, including paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal, synthetic materials and other recyclable materials. In addition, the packaging with green signs is also recyclable waste.

If we throw the recyclable garbage instead of recycling it, we will damage the environment in that the garbage is difficult to be decomposed in nature. Throwing the garbage may not only do harm to our health, but also damage the cityscape. We should attach great importance to the waste sorting bins.

(2) Non recyclable waste refers to the garbage that can not be recycled and can be easily decomposed under natural conditions, such as pericarp, vegetable leaves, leftovers, flowers, plants, branches and leaves, etc. In addition, harmful and polluting wastes as well as those can not be secondarily decomposed are non recyclable waste, too. 

2. The importance of waste sorting bin

The world's environment is constantly being affected by global warming. World Environment Day is on June 5th every year. We should try to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and make good use of waste sorting bins by sorting the rubbishes into categories and reusing them. It is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment because a small step in human civilization is a big step in world civilization. Only in good environment can flowers grow better and we live better.

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