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Design idea of school garbage can

As a necessary public facility of the school, the design of the trash can should first adapt to the environment of the school. Due to the diversity of campus life, the design of the trash can should also be classified. For the treatment of liquid waste, the garbage can should be designed to be plastic closed, and the place should be larger, which not only solves the problem of corroding the iron trash can, but also ensures that the odor is no longer diffused, and it is convenient for students and teachers to use. For the disposal of large chunks of garbage, the trash can should be designed as a large underground trash can, so that the garbage is easier to place and more beautiful. The sanitary condition of the contact trash can is too poor, so when designing the trash can, we should adopt some non-contact methods, such as pedal trash can and so on. 

Another point is that in view of people's spitting problem, most dustbins are designed without taking into account the needs of a large number of "spitters": garbage openings are designed on the side of the indoor school bins rather than on the top. For the disposal of hazardous waste, residents should uniformly use environmentally friendly trash bins, which can be designed as three compartments, each of which can be easily disassembled and assembled. Among them, the largest release of organic matter, a small release of inorganic substances, a small release of poison. The public facilities of the school should not only meet the basic needs of people's exercise and life, but also be endowed with the connotation of humanistic public art, enrich people's aesthetic concepts, make people feel physically and mentally happy, and at the same time enhance the humanistic characteristics of the school.

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