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Seven Characteristics of Public Garbage Bins

Ⅰ. Public garbage bins are very important for outdoor environmental protection

With the development of economy, the problem of environmental pollution has become more and more serious. For people's health, we must pay attention to environmental protection. Waste sorting is very meaningful for the environment. At present, most of the outdoor public garbage bins are two-category garbage bins.

The public garbage bins are containers for trash. Most public garbage bins use stainless steel as the raw material to prevent the peculiar smell of trash from dispersing.

Ⅱ. Seven characteristics of public garbage bins

1. Made of high-density stainless steel raw materials, strong and durable;

2. Brand new raw materials, effectively preventing acid/alkali corrosion in garbage;

3. Seamless structure design, high-density welding forming, leak-proof structure;

4. The inner wall of public garbage bins is smooth and clean, which reduces garbage residue and is easy to clean;

5. The barrel, the mouth and the bottom of the barrel are specially reinforced and thickened to avoid external damage (such as collision, lifting and falling, etc.);

6. The overall sanitation trash can is convenient for transportation and saves space when it is empty;

7. It can be used normally in the temperature range of -20℃~65℃.

Public garbage bins are widely used in public places such as urban streets, residential communities, township communities, parks, schools, etc., to facilitate garbage disposal, clean and beautify the social environment.

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