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Soekarone-Hatta International Airport - Indonesia


        A regular customer of us brings a new order for Indonesia airport. Congratulation that Guangzhou MAX successfully get this project and Soekarone-Hatta International Airport become another large airport using Guangzhou MAX's products after the cooperation with domestic airports.

In order to satisfy the daily needs at different places of the airport, this time, the recycle bins and stanchions are supplied for waste collection and crowed controlling.


   MAX-SN142 recycle bins are used in the airport waiting hall, where there with large volume of passengers. The whole container structured by 1.0mm thickness 201# stainless steel, with powder coated on the body in beige color. High safety coefficient curved-corners design without any sharp edges to avoid the injures caused by passengers’ careless hitting. 3 different compartments for waste classification with swing lid on top, equip with large volume galvanized inner bin ensure the bin services well in public areas.


MAX-F serious Pedal dustbin are always popular by our clients, the Soekarone-Hatta International Airport orders our pedal bin for different capacity for rest rooms and some other indoor occasions. Advanced pedal soft-closing system reduces noise and creates a more peaceful environment, bringing passengers a absolute comfortable experience. To  simplify the work of cleaning by using the foot pedal frees hands to control opening and closing, with anti-finger printed surface finished to avoid getting stain easily.


Soekarone-Hatta International Airport also chooses the Module#SN26, which is the most hot-sale style in the market as well. With capacity 40L & 80L for different places’ waste collection, different sizes for options meets the needs of different locations in the airport. The overall shape is more delicate and secure, inside garbage can not be visible completely due to the top swing lid, at the same time the foul smell is not easy to spread out of the inner liner. In order to build a quiet and cozy atmosphere, the bottom rubber ring is indispensable, in this way it will reduce noise effectively when moving, simultaneously protecting the floor from scratching.


Up to now, all the equipment are put into using in Soekarone-Hatta International Airport , the products of Guangzhou MAX including recycle bins and stanchions are already in places. They will work to protect the airport environment and maintain order in daily work from the day when they are entrusted a mission. Guangzhou MAX will continue to cooperation with this airport in the future to delivery its excellent quality products as well! We also have great faith to build the positive image of MADE-IN-CHINA on the foreign land by showing Guangzhou MAX’s exquisite items!

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