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Stainless Steel Floor Standing Wet Wipe Dispenser

inside and outside public and commercial facilities, stainless teel Floor Standing Wet Wipe Dispensers provide clients, guests, and employees with an attractive and affordable method of keeping hands and handles clean and sanitary. An integrated wide-opening waste bin provides users with convenient disposal of used wipes.   Constructed from 201 or 304 stainless steel, the dispenser can be placed both inside or outside, and won't rust or corrode. The full anti-smudge oleophobic coating ensures that the dispenser always looks its best after multiple uses. The top lid removes easily with two push buttons and reveals a base that can hold a full-size 2XL roll of 800 wipes. The lid has a laser-cut tri-star opening which wipes can be threaded through and used for tearing wipes at the perforation. Dispenser body easily tilts and slides off the weighted base, making cleaning and servicing the 4-gallon extra capacity waste bin quick and easy.

Wet Wipe Dispensers For Sale

Features of MAX sanitation wipes dispenser

  • Use in gyms, gas stations, supermarkets, outside restrooms and entrances

  • Holds up to an 800-wipe roll

  • Convenient interior waste bin for used wipes

  • Double push button secures cover on body when pulling wipes

  • One at a time wipe dispensing through tri-star opening

  • Constructed of durable, rust-proof, corrosion and fire resistant stainless steel

  • Oleophobic anti-fingerprint, anti-smudge coating

  • Weighted base provides maximum stability

gym wipe stand floor dispensers overview

Wet wipe dispenser stand as a kind of public health facilities are widly sued for the gymnasium and indoor stadium. The wipes bucket can be filled with alcohol wipes as well as regular wipes. As there are always crowded people in such places, it is necessary to have a alcohol wipes dispenser to help people to do sterilizing when entrance the indoor stadium, or even to have a sanitation wipes dispenser with traditional wet wipe bin to provide them to do cleaning after sporting.  Due to its portability and functionality, wipe dispenser are also applicated to some other public places with crowed people.

Attractive classic design of gym wipes floor dispenser: stainless steel wipers and trash bins look great in any decorated or indoor fitness center, professional office, customer waiting area or anywhere using surface or hand wipes. It is very suitable for places with high utilization rate: wet wipes station can be loaded with large capacity. for places with a large flow of people, hundreds of wipes are added at a time to serve customers for hand and surface disinfection and wiping, without frequent replenishment to reduce labor costs.

Application of floor stand gym wipe dispenser

The user-friendly design commercial disinfectant wipe dispenser makes the floor stabd wipes dispenser easier to get the approval by the public. Portable design can be more suitable for different use occasions, to ensure public health, there should be a sanitizing wipes dispenser stand when ther are crowed people to help them to do healthy care of hands, such as the gym, shopping mall, airport, station, community.etc. With the double functions of wipe dispensing and waste collecting, floor stand sanitation wipes dispenser, max metal products can provide people more convenience in daily life. 

Durable and easy to use: our commercial wet wipe dispenser do not crack or break like plastic vending machines and can be easily placed anywhere without any installation requirements. Large capacity trash can: the vending machine includes a removable trash can made of durable galvanized steel and can be used with or without lining.

Advantages of stainless steel floor stand wipe dispenser

 It's the best choice to use stainless steel to make a wipe dispenser stand due to the excellent anti-rust & anti-corrosion ability of the material, the volatilization of the alcohol (alcohol wipes) will not produce any chemical reaction with the stainless steel material, thus ensuring the reliable performance of the product. In terms of cost and longevity, there is no doubt that the Stainless Steel Wipe Dispenser is a very cost-effective product for both consumers and china wet wipe gym dispenser manufacturers.

The generous and simple appearance of stainless steel wipes dispenser is loved by all parties. This type of wipe dispenser has a longer service life, is not afraid of Rain Water corrosion, and is convenient for later maintenance. Low processing cost, easy to operate and other advantages. In the front and rear panels, we can add billboards to save operating costs for the purchasing department. 

Improve the effective utilization of resources. Wet wipe gym dispenser suppliers provide more detailed product matching list for purchasing units, which is fundamentally different from the product singleness formed by single purchase in the market.

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