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Stainless Steel Outdoor Waste Bin and Plastic Waste Bin

Our lives are constantly improving. What's the difference between the stainless steel outdoor waste bin and the plastic waste bin? Many people will choose the stainless steel outdoor waste bin for the reason that they worry about the material safety of plastic waste bin. Each has its own advantages. For example, the plastic waste bin has high cost performance, and the sound is not so loud when it's knocked or hit. When it comes to duration, the plastic bin cannot be compared with the stainless steel outdoor bin. Under the same environment, the stainless steel outdoor waste bin can be used for five or six years, while the plastic bin can be used for only two or three years at most.

First of all, the stainless steel bin outdoor will make noise when it's knocked or hit, which is not good in public places or office places; Secondly, if there is liquid garbage, or after repeated cleaning, although it is stainless steel outdoor waste bin, it is easy to have rust after a long time; Moreover, waste bins are not easiliy comsumable products, and the cost performance of plastic trash bins is higher.

The public place is a place with a large number of people. There are public places both indoors and outdoors. Generally, public places include schools, tourist attractions, squares, high-speed railway stations, waiting rooms, shopping malls, streets, property communities, etc. What kinds of stainless steel outdoor waste bins can be used in public places? There is no limit in the use of stainless steel outdoor waste bins, as long as the body of the bin can be large enough to accommodate the garbage left by the crowd. If you choose a small stainless steel outdoor waste bin that can't contain enough waste, it will not be easy to clean up the garbage, and waste will be dropped on the ground. In another case, the public dustbin should be placed outdoors, because it can block the rain and it's okay to put it indoors, but stainless steel outdoor waste bin is not easy to throw waste when it is put indoors, because the mouth of the stainless steel outdoor waste bin is pointing upwards. The stainless steel trash bin, of which mouth is pointing downwards, is not suitable to be put outdoors. If it rains, the cleaner should pour out the rainwater in the trash can. The relatively light sundries and sewage will be left on the ground and not easy to clean if the waste bin is full of rainwater.

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