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Stanchion for Airport

In crowded places, the order is our natural pursuit. If we lose order, we will become chaotic. Airport railings can be seen everywhere, which is the maintenance of order, let us understand the order of queuing and sequencing, along the fence, to establish the order of our operation.

Heavy-duty stanchions at the airport

Ubiquitous and eye-catching in a beautiful way, stanchions guide people's lives in such an orderly way, guide people to line up, and restores order to the originally chaotic situation. Stanchions play important roles in where people congregate, such as the airport terminal. 

Event stanchions are vertical posts, sometimes inserted on the ground, or simply on the floor, and God knows where they are needed to guide orderly behavior. The pillars are usually three feet high and are sometimes connected by velvet rope or a thin colored nylon ribbon and then connected into a long line to separate specific areas. 

At most airports, the role of the stanchion is mainly to serve as a barrier to effectively separate tourists from different areas to avoid disorder and to guide passengers to queue at airport check-in counters, immigration areas, pre-departure areas, and wherever order is needed, so as to save manpower costs and reduce disorder.

Advantages of retractable belt barrier stanchions

1. The retractable belt barrier stanchions are ideal for indoor and outdoor use such as in airports. 

2. High-quality stainless steel stanchions, the rod is rust-proof and not easy to scratch and deform. it is a perfect choice for long-term use. 

3. Every cement base has strong wind stability and will not be threatened by the outdoor environment of the airport. 

4. The bottom base with a rubber ring can protect the floor of the airport terminal from scratches, portable design help to move easily. 

5. The retractable belt, with locking belt pivot ends, can be used four-way end to meet the specific needs at the airport.

Importantance of line stanchions

Stanchions systems are essential for many different types of organizations and activities, and posts provide a good way of temporary crowd control in outdoor areas. Stanchions can not only help support crowd control and queuing but can also be used to block restricted areas and enhance the overall customer experience through improved customer traffic and efficient use of space. 

In the airport, crowd stanchions are used for queue control, usually when shopping in duty-free shops, queuing for security checks, picking up air tickets, and buying souvenirs. When there is a high volume of passengers at the airport, the posts are usually zigzag or serpentine, usually, about 3 feet wide, which encourages customers to line up to prevent queue jumping.

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