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Stanchion for Shopping Mall

Stanchions can be listed as one of the most "invisible" things in the shopping mall. It's because you never realize their presence until shopping seasons approach. Stanchion is used for separating the crowds in case that too many people crowd in at one time. Although stanchion seems not that useful, it's truly irreplaceable in shopping seasons, such as Black Friday and Christmas, etc. For safety reasons, stanchions keep people in lines and can ensure the approximate flow rate of the crowd. Another use of stanchions is that they can be used to protect some exhibitions like big sculptures in shopping malls. Stanchions can serve as a reminder saying “ Don't touch it! Don't approach!”

Types of crowd stanchions

Post and Rope Stanchions

The appearance of this product is more exquisite, as the name implies, it is a metal pillar with a rope attached to it. This is the best choice when there is an exhibition in the mall, because the appearance of this Post and Rope Stanchions is very elegant, it can be integrated with the exhibition, there is no sense of conflict, and there are different colors of metal finishes to choose from. 

Retractable belt barrier stanchions

Probably the most widely used of all posts, the retractable belt version has a flexible design and is suitable for a variety of different types of queuing applications. This kind of guardrail is very durable, it often appears in the queue of shopping malls, suitable for long-term use, can be permanently fixed to the wall, can also stand independently. The retractable post works by using an internal spring mechanism to loosen and contract the belt. 

Safety Stanchions

Such tapes are usually made of brightly colored materials to warn of danger, and there may be as many as three separate straps on each post. Because this kind of Stanchions mainly plays the role of safety warning, there are few opportunities to be used in shopping malls, and heavy duty stanchions are mostly used in industrial places, but it is also very necessary when there is construction work somewhere in shopping malls, and its warning effect is better than that of other stanchions. 

Plastic Stanchions

Shopping mall will have outdoor activities during holidays, as well as product trade exhibitions. When holding temporary activities, plastic stanchions is not affected by the weather and is economical. It can also be heavier with sand or gravel to increase firmness and make the outdoor activities of shopping malls in an orderly manner.

Line stanchions at shopping mall

Customers in shopping mall are always tired of queuing. They think queuing is a kind of inconvenience and a waste of time. Therefore, making customers think that they are waiting in line for less time than it really is is one of the keys to good crowd control. After queuing in an orderly manner, a lot of invalid time waste can be reduced, and the well-ordered time series can improve the operation efficiency of shopping malls. 

With new and exciting products on the checkout route, customers can continue browsing while waiting, rather than scrolling on their phones, checking the time every 30 seconds. By line stanchions, turning vacant areas in stores into sales opportunities, you need to put items that people don't buy often on the checkout route. Grocery store chains put candy, magazines and chewing gum on the queue, which is equivalent to arousing customers' interest in the queue, making the queue less boring and stimulating customers' desire to buy at the same time.

Use of line stanchions

When arranging large-scale events, shopping malls are expected to have more customers than usual, so we must do a good job in the layout and design of the store before the crowd appears, that is, to make full preparations for crowd management before the crowd appears. When shopping malls publish advertisements for promotions and other price reductions, they should prepare some safety stanchions  and set them up in advance. 

Before people appear, it is necessary to install permanent retractable barriers on the walls and prepare removable retractable belt barriers to prevent this from happening. Do not wait until the crowd starts to emerge before you start arranging the stanchions. A bad user experience will greatly reduce people's impression of the mall, and because there will be a lot of old people and children in the mall, the dangerous consequences will be very serious.

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