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Retractable belt stanchions and crowd control barriers are an effective way to manage crowd flow in the public area. MAX Metal offers large selection of stanchions, retractable belt barriers. A manufacturer could help you with a cost-effective ways to manage the crowd and maintain operational efficiency. Check out our solutions and you will find your real needs.

Types of stanchions for crowd control

From airports and conference centers to retail stores and banks, there are various types of stanchions to choose from, such as event stanchions, floor stanchions, gallery stanchions. The following mainly describes how to find steel stanchion and retractable belt barrier stanchions for everyday use. 

Legacy steel stanchion 

Decorated with cinemas, concert halls, museums, amusement parks and even red carpets, these classic steel stanchions provide an elegant sense of crowd control and queuing. This traditional combination of posts can effectively direct traffic, maintain order and seal off off-limits areas. Brass, stainless steel or custom powder coated finishes can be used for decoration when combined with standard or custom velvet ropes. These stanchions not only have exquisite appearance, but also have super durability and architecture to withstand the "storm" of many people. 

Retractable belt barrier stanchions

Retractable belt barrier stanchions is the best friend of many crowd control professionals.  Modern, versatile, retractable belt stanchions can be embellished with logos, graphics, and / or information to magnify the effect.  Belt handrails also provide versatility for queuing arrangements and crowd management, because they can easily be lengthened and shortened with the flow of people, properly adjusted, belts can be extended in any direction, and can block sensitive exhibits. and it won't block people's view.

Max can provide crowd control stanchions wholesale to meet your needs in many industries.

Retractable belt barrier stanchions 

The method used to control the crowd will vary depending on the venue and business, while during this process, there is no one  essential tool, and that is their time-tested real crowd control rope barriers. Our retractable belt barrier stanchions is an ideal queuing control system for guiding crowds in a professional and controlled manner and is ideal for use in retail stores, exhibitions, hotels, outdoor activities, cinemas, airports and theater stanchions. Max safety stanchions and retractable line ropes provide stanchion post signs, which can be used to display important security information, promotions and sales, or just remind people where the starting point of the queue is.

Advantages of retractable crowd control stanchions

  • Queue pole with retractable belt provides a cost-effective queue management system. 

  • Stanchion barrier includes a post, a base and a retractable belt. 

  • Indoor stanchions is an ideal choice to guide the flow of people in the exhibition. 

  • The weighting base keeps the pile stable in use. 

  • With different scenes, the belt has a variety of colors to choose from. 

  • Retractable crowd barriers are easy to use and convenient to assemble.

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