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Surface and Brightness Treatment Method of Stainless Steel Trash Can

Stainless steel has excellent characteristics such as unique strength, high wear resistance, superior corrosion resistance and resistance to rust. The application and development prospects of stainless steel are becoming wider and wider, but its application and development largely depends on the degree of development of its surface treatment technology.

1. Commonly used stainless steel trash can surface treatment technology has the following treatment methods

①Whitening the surface of natural color;

②Surface mirror bright treatment;

③Surface coloring treatment.

2. Surface mirror treatment method of stainless steel trash can

According to the complexity of the stainless steel trash can and the different user requirements, mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing and other methods can be used to achieve the mirror gloss.

(1) Mechanical polishing: good leveling, bright. The labor intensity is high, the pollution is serious, the complicated parts are difficult to process, the gloss is reduced, and the investment and cost are high. Simple parts, medium and small products, and complex parts cannot be processed. The gloss of the entire product cannot be consistent and the gloss retention time is not long.

(2) Chemical polishing has low investment, high efficiency, fast speed, with which and complex parts can be polished. However, it has insufficient brightness, and the polishing liquid needs to be heated, gas overflows. In addition, ventilation equipment is required. It is more cost-effective to process complex products and products with low brightness requirements in small batches.

(3) Electrochemical polishing: it can achieve mirror gloss with long-term maintenance, stable process, low pollution, low cost, good pollution prevention, large one-time investment. Complicated parts must be equipped with tooling and auxiliary electrodes, and high-end small and medium-sized products must be cooled for mass production. It is required to keep the mirror bright for a long time, then the product process is stable, easy to operate, and can be widely used.

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