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The Difference Between Different Outdoor Waste Bins

What is the difference between different outdoor waste bins? Outdoor waste bins are often seen in our city life, but few people know the difference between the various sorting trash bins on the street.

At present, our commonly used sorting outdoor waste bin is mainly divided into three categories. More common is the sorting stainless steel trash bin. Stainless steel trash bin usually has the advantages of anti-corrosion, high hardness and rust protection. Most are placed outdoors. The second is plastic sorting trash bins, which usually have the advantages of low price, strong corrosion resistance, and light weight. Sorting trash bins made of plastic are commonly used in canteens, schools, and other places. There is also a waste sorting bin made of steel and wood, composed of steel plates and solid wood strips. Therefore, the sorting trash bin made of steel and wood has a good appearance. The solid wood strips used in the steel-wood sorting trash bin have undergone anti-corrosion and mothproof treatment. It has good anti-corrosion, rust protection, high temperature resistance and other advantages. It is suitable for use in scenic spots, gardens, schools and other places, because its beautiful appearance can usually be integrated with the surrounding environment, so that people will not have the traditional impression of trash bin, dirty and messy.

Outdoor waste bins can be roughly divided into the above three categories according to their materials, because their materials are different and the locations of use are also different. Waste sorting bins are currently widely used, not only because they can protect the environment, but also help people solve the problem of garbage classification at the source and make garbage disposal easier.

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