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The Placement of Outdoor Trash Bins

How to put the outdoor trash bin reasonably? Outdoor trash bins are relatively common in our lives. We can often see it, and the disposal of garbage is very important in our lives. But do you know how to place outdoor trash bins in our lives? The placement of outdoor trash bins is actually more important!

1. Placement of outdoor trash bins

(1) Some urban traffic main roads, small and medium-sized towns, and the periphery of buildings are relatively small due to the relatively small flow of people, and it is not easy to generate too much garbage. The distance can be appropriately increased to save a part of the outdoor trash bin resources for other needs.

(2) As for streets, pedestrian streets, schools, living quarters, stations, and other places, you can consider placing an outdoor trash bin at a distance of 50 meters to 100 meters, and you can give an appropriate distance according to the actual situation, which can be convenient for pedestrians and make the best use of it.

(3) Such amusement places such as scenic spots and parks can be described as mountains of rubbish when they are popular. At this time, the distance of trash cans can be controlled within 50 meters, and we should put more outdoor sorting trash bins.

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