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The Stainless Steel Trash Can Have Good Rust-Proof Function

How to remove rust from stainless steel trash can?

The antirust function of stainless steel garbage can is very good, but if it is not well maintained, it is easy to rust. Once rusted, it is likely to cause a large area of rust. How should we maintain it?

Maintenance methods: It is generally recommended that customers clean the garbage can once a week to avoid the formation of negative and positive poles on the garbage attachment to accelerate the corrosion rate; when cleaning, it is not recommended to use strong detergents to avoid the surface of the protective layer washed out; rust needs to be cleaned up in time.

Here's how to get rid of rust.

Method (1): If the rust is caused by the adhesion of other metals, you can use cloth and neutral detergent to scrub the rusty place, then clean it with clean water, then dry it with a dry cloth, and pay attention not to leave neutral detergent on it.

Method (2): In the case of air pollution near busy streets, rust prevention treatment must be carried out regularly, and soapy water should be used for cleaning at light moments.

Method (3): When cleaning, cleaners may touch the garbage can with their hands, so that the wrinkles or dirt on their hands will lead to rust. At this time, we can pour a little alcohol and acetone on the cloth for cleaning, then use the cleaning liquid to clean, and finally use clean water to wash the liquid, and use the clean cloth to dry.

The stainless steel garbage can is not urgent to do a good job of rust prevention and maintenance measures, but also to clean up rust in time to avoid a large number of diffusion.

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