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Triple trash can

MAX three coloured dustbins is made of high-quality stainless steel, durable, light and flexible, beautiful appearance, environmental protection, smooth internal and external surface. Max 3 bin trash can is easy to empty garbage and cleaning. Three bin garbage cans, also known as 3 in 1 recycle bin is suitable for all kinds of public places to collect waste or raw materials, greatly improve work efficiency.

Three bin trash can for sale

Garbage types of three trash cans

There are mainly three kinds of substances, recyclable, non-recyclable and harmful waste. 

1. recyclables refer to wastes suitable for recycling and resource utilization. 

It mainly includes: 

Paper: not seriously defiled text paper, packaging paper and other paper products, etc. 

Such as newspapers, all kinds of wrapping paper, office paper, advertising paper and so on. 

Plastics: waste container plastics, packaging plastics and other plastic products. 

Such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, foam, disposable plastic lunch boxes, tableware, hard plastic and so on. 

Metal: various types of scrap metal articles. 

Such as cans, tin cans, lead toothpaste skin and so on. 

Glass: colored and colorless waste glass products. 

Fabrics: old textiles, clothing and textiles. 

2. Non-recyclable materials refer to rubbish other than recyclable waste. Common garbage is easy to decompose under natural conditions, such as skins, vegetable leaves, leftovers, flowers, branches and leaves, and so on. 

3. Harmful waste, such as waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, mercury thermometers, waste paints, expired drugs, etc.

Advantages of three coloured dustbins

Most three coloured dustbins trash bins are made of stainless steel and are durable and suitable for any kitchen design. The recycle bin is easy to clean, and the three garbage bins are a side-by-side three-compartment recycling bin that is used to sort the three garbage streams and keep them in order. Using rugged (color-coded) pedals, you can open three separate lids of equal size to facilitate your sorting of waste streams. The separate lid closes slowly and quietly, and the airtight lid prevents the stench of garbage from spreading in the kitchen. Strong pedals and lids can prevent your dog or other pet from entering the trash can. With special material handling, you don't have to worry about finger stains on the dustbin.

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