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Types of the Cigarette Ashtray

Ⅰ. The structure of the cigarette ashtray

The stainless steel cigarette ashtray is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is cut, assembled, welded and screen-printed. It includes an outer casing, a support, an inner casing, an ashtray, and a base. The bottom end of the outer sleeve is fixedly connected to the support, the side wall of the outer sleeve is provided with a cigarette butt setting inlet, the inner sleeve is used to collect the cigarette butts put in from the cigarette butt setting inlet of the outer sleeve, and the inner sleeve is arranged in the inner lumen of the outer sleeve. The open end of the inner sleeve faces upward, and the cigarette butt placement inlet is communicated with the opening of the inner sleeve, so that the cigarette butt put in from the cigarette butt insertion port can fall into the inner lumen of the inner sleeve from the open end of the inner sleeve.

The cigarette ashtray stands are in the shape of a long strip with a key hole on the side. The side door can be opened to facilitate the cleaning of the cigarette butt ash located in the inner casing. There are two types of bases, one is used indoors, with a non-slip pad at the bottom, and the other is used outdoors, and the bottom is fixed with expansion screws.

Ⅱ. The cigarette ashtray in public places

Max's standing cigarette ashtray is made of solid stainless steel construction. An extra steel cigarette case is included to keep your favorites safe from moisture. The removable standing cigarette ashtray is easy to clean with just a little water, just wipe it down with a cloth. You can choose a suitable cigarette ashtray according to the environment in which the cigarette ashtray should be placed. The cigarette ashtrays placed outdoors must be weather resistant.

Our standing cigarette ashtrays are ideal for smoking areas in shopping malls and business centers. The stainless steel design will make the whole space very modern. We have enough supply to meet your needs and we also offer custom service.

Max offers high quality stainless steel wall mounted ash trays, a wide range of styles and affordable high quality wall mounted ash trays for easy placement. Outdoor smoking areas are common in public places such as clubs, bars and workplaces. Especially in the workplaces, these areas need to be kept away from the main work area. The idea is to prevent non-smokers from being exposed to secondhand or passive smoke. Such exposure is inevitable if you set up an area near the entrance to your office. You can use specially designed smoking cigarette ashtrays in outdoor smoking areas. The wall mounted ash trays are a great option if you want to save floor space in designated areas.

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