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Wall Mounted Stanchion

Wall mounted stanchions for sale

Wall mounted stanchions with Retractable Belts

Wall mounted stanchions attach to flat surfaces, saving on space and reducing clutter. Many of these are designed to work with QueuePole floor standing posts; these barriers have a pull-out band that locks easily onto a receiving pole. Close off and open up checkout aisles with ease, thanks to the slide-on receiver clip. A three-way adaptor expands the number of configurations possible, helping you to create the queue line arrangement that’s just right for your space. Get reliable crowd control without the clutter of posts and bases with these wall mounted stanchions.

Where can I use wall mounted stanchions

For many places that need to strictly control the flow of people, there can be no air strikes on both sides of the retractable stanchion rope, otherwise there may be unavoidable problems out of control, and it is necessary for the stanchions to occupy unnecessary space and become an obstacle to the environment. Usually, wall mounted stanchions are used for the entrance to tell that there is "No Entry" without any permission. The hoistway entrance, elevator entrance, ticket gate and other access points where need to crowd contral, the wall mounted stanchion is the best choice.

Advantages of wall mounted retractable stanchions

First of all, because there is no base, once fixed, it will not affect the location of the original visit because of the flow of people, and will not occupy any extra space or block the goods and things to be displayed. in this way, the required functions are realized to the maximum extent, space is saved, and the overall atmosphere of the environment is destroyed to a minimum, and there are no gaps on both sides, and order will not get out of control.

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