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Wall-mounted Telescopic Isolation Belt Makes "Isolation" More Humane

Telescopic isolation belts are becoming more and more widely used. Now not only can you see isolation queuing belts in public places, but also many companies use them: used at the reception of the company for welcoming guests, canteens for queuing guidance, and workshops for isolation protection, warehouse to show "No passing", etc. The use of the isolation belt can not only enhance the company's image, but also give people a sense of security, and at the same time, it is clearer to the work of the workshop.

With more and more applications, more and more styles of isolation belts, and the customers' requirements for them are becoming more and more high. Most of the isolation belts on the market are column-type, which can be moved or placed on the ground as required, but the column-type queuing isolation belt has certain disadvantages: large and heavy. For places such as passages or warehouse shelves, elevator entrances, they are not humane enough. Therefore, specifically for the isolation of channel types, Guangzhou Max Metal Product Factory has developed a "wall-mounted telescopic isolation belt".

For different wall requirements, there are two ways to assemble wall-mounted telescopic isolation belts: screw fixing and magnet fixing. The length of the belt can also be 2 meters, 3 meters, 5 meters, and 10 meters (only for the plastic wall hanging type). It is easy to assemble, easy to carry, and can adapt to various lengths.

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