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Wet and Dry Garbage in Stainless Steel Sorting Bins

Advantages and benefits of dry and wet classification of household waste:

The dry and wet classification of household garbage is to divide the general household garbage of residents into wet garbage (mainly kitchen waste, fruit peel, etc.) and dry garbage (other garbage). The advantage is to popularize the knowledge of garbage classification and cultivate the awareness of garbage classification. In the future, we will further refine the classification types, improve the efficiency of waste recycling, further reduce the amount of landfill and incineration waste, and promote the harmonious development of human society and the natural environment.

After the collection of wet garbage, microorganism can be used for composting, organic fertilizer can reduce the hardening of the land, other garbage can be recycled and reused, and new building materials can be produced.

What are wet waste and dry waste:

Generally, stainless steel sorting bins can sort the garbage in this way. Wet garbage and dry garbage are more commonly used. Kitchen waste, recyclable garbage and non-recyclable garbage are also common classifications.

Wet waste is organic garbage, which refers to the decomposition of organic matter in the daily garbage, including food residue, vegetable root, vegetable leaves, animal hooves, horns, melon skin, fruit crumbs, egg shell, fish scales, egg shell, hair, plant branches, leaves, weeds, animal corpses, livestock feces, etc.

Dry waste includes waste paper, plastic, glass, metal, fabric, etc., as well as large-scale waste such as scrapped vehicles, household appliances and furniture, decoration waste, etc.

Dry waste is other waste except recyclable, harmful and wet waste, including napkin, food box, broken ceramics and large bone shells, which are not perishable.

When you put it in, you must remember to drain the water. For example, if you're dealing with the take-out leftovers, you must pour out the soup, and put the remaining leftovers into the wet garbage collection container. The plastic bags and takeout food boxes belong to the dry garbage. The same goes for milk tea.

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