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What are the Advantages of Steel-wood Trash Can?

Our common trash cans are often made of one material, but steel wood trash cans are not. It is mainly divided into steel parts and wooden slats. The entire frame of the trash can is basically made of steel, and the steel surface is made for anti-rust and anti-corrosion during the production.

Advantages of steel wood trash cans:

1. The materials of steel wood trash can are very particular, and trash cans made of general materials cannot be used outdoors, because they are easy to age and may be scrapped after a short period of time. However, The steel wood trash cans produced by regular large manufacturers such as Guangzhou Max Metal Product Factory are made of high-quality galvanized sheets and wood. The body of the trash can is electrostatically sprayed with outdoor plastic powder, and the surface of the wooden strips is multi-layered with UV-resistant acrylic paint.

2. For some sites where the ground is not very flat, it is easy to be placed unevenly when using ordinary trash cans, but it is different when using steel wood trash cans. This kind of trash cans can be placed across steps stably. And if this kind of trash can is dirty, the staff is also very convenient to clean it.

3. When cleaning workers clean up the garbage, the steel-wood trash can is more convenient and flexible than ordinary garbage cans when removing the garbage.

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