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What Are the Standard Components of Public Rubbish Bins

Ⅰ. Public rubbish bins

With the development of economy, the problem of environmental pollution has become more and more serious. For people's health, we must pay attention to environmental protection. Among the things we can do, garbage sorting is of great significance to the environment. Two-category public rubbish bins are generally used outdoors.

Public rubbish bins are a kind of public facility, used to contain garbage and waste, and are often placed in parks, communities, schools, and other outdoor public places. They play a role in protecting the public environment and have made outstanding contributions to the cleanliness of the city.

Ⅱ. What are the standard components of the public rubbish bins

The public rubbish bins are composed of the following parts: the barrel part and the inner liner part.

Barrel part

Stainless steel rubbish bins

1. It is formed by bending steel plate.

2. Carry out cutting and welding according to their respective characteristics, and make some adjustment procedures.

3. After the product is polished and dust removed, pickling, sandblasting and electrostatic spraying are carried out.

Wooden public rubbish bins

1. Open the material to the required specifications and dry it (natural drying or steam drying)

2. Then a series of post-processes are carried out to ensure the smoothness of the wooden strips before the paint can be processed.

3. After spraying the material several times with the primer, polish it to remove the burrs on the wood surface, and then spray the paint.

Inner liner part

1. Made of galvanized thin iron sheet.

2. Put the thin iron sheet of specific size on the punching machine for punching.

3. Public rubbish bins are sampled and inspected by sampling 

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