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What Details Should Be Paid attention to, When Purchasing Stainless Steel Outdoor Waste Bins

Features of waste bins:

The thickened stainless steel outdoor waste bin is treated by external painting with beautiful and stylish appearance and exquisite workmanship. The design is matched with the garbage truck, and the trailer is reinforced in the direction. It is a type of durable iron bin. The green and environmental sanitation iron waste bin is made of high-quality iron. In order to adapt to the high-intensity demand of environmental sanitation, the product features large thickness, which enables it to be the product designated by the environmental sanitation department.

The large-scale box of stainless steel outdoor waste bin is made of high-quality steel plate, all of which are sprayed with anti-rust paint and flame retardant materials, so that the box can persist in bright color without fading or rusting for a long time. The lid of the waste bin is tightly filled, and there is no gap around, and it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance. We can change the color and appearance of waste bins according to customer's requirement. Max can offer various metal dustbins for sale with good features, which can be shown as following:

Stainless Steel Outdoor Waste Bin Features:

1. The operation cost is low. One vehicle is equipped with multiple containers (equipment share 1:4-10), which greatly reduces the cost of vehicle purchase, operation and maintenance. After compaction, the waste density is large, the problem of vehicle load shortage is solved, and the transportation cost is reduced. So the compacted waste occupies a small space and reduces the cost.

2. It can be arranged sensitively, and the couplet type of compressed waste bin covers a small area and reduces land investment. According to different occasions and the amount of garbage, it can be integrated with the construction and can better reflect the personality of the construction. It is suitable for residential areas, commercial areas, municipal units, hotels, colleges, yards, stations and other public places.

3. The operation is simple, the supporting is safe, the operating system is pneumatically controlled, the machine degree is high and the operation is simple, safe and reliable. Together with the equipment loading, the labor intensity of the sanitation workers can be reduced, and the mechanization changes their working environment.

4. The quality is reliable, the service is perfect, and the main parts are imported products. The product quality is strictly controlled, and there are various forms of technical support.

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