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What Kind of Trash Bin Can Be Called Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Recycle Bin

The benefits of garbage sorting are obvious. After sorting, the waste is sent to the factory instead of the landfill, which not only saves the land, but also avoids the pollution caused by landfill or incineration, and can also turn waste into treasure. In this battle between people and garbage, people turn garbage from enemies to friends. Then what is garbage sorting?

Garbage classification refers to a series of activities that classify, store, put and carry garbage according to certain regulations or standards, so as to turn it into public resources. The purpose of classification is to improve the resource value and economic value of garbage, and strive to make the best of it. From the perspective of domestic and foreign cities' classification methods for domestic garbage, they are generally classified according to the composition and production of garbage, combined with the resource utilization and treatment methods of local garbage. Let's take a look at environment-friendly stainless steel indoor recycle bins?

Environmental protection is the theme of the times, everyone is talking about environmental protection, and to achieve environmental protection, everyone needs to do what they can. The first is the problem of garbage. Now we are all advocating the use of eco-friendly stainless steel recycle bin. What kind of stainless steel trash can be called environment-friendly stainless steel recycle bins?

1. The can body and the lid are respectively molded with one-time injection molding technology, which is solid and durable;
2. New raw materials which effectively prevent the corrosion of weak acid and alkali;
3. Seamless structure design, the leak proof structure with 100% pass rate;
4. bright and clean inner bucket which is easy to clean and can reduce waste residue;
5. The barrel body, box mouth and bottom are specially strengthened and thickened to withstand various external forces (such as collision, lifting and falling, etc.);
6. It is easy to transport and save space and cost;
7. It can be used normally in the temperature range of - 30 ℃ ~ 65 ℃;

8. There are many colors to choose, according to the classification requirements;
9. It is widely used in all kinds of environments, and it can also be used for garbage sorting and collection, such as property, factory, sanitation, etc.

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