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What Role does Outdoor Trash Can Play in the City?

Outdoor trash cans are a must-have facility in the city, covering every corner of the city from the bustling downtown area to the streets, communities, and schools. The image of the city is maintained by every citizen. Every citizen hopes that our city can be clean and charming, which requires citizens to pay attention to small things.

At the same time, higher requirements are put forward to city managers. Take the trash cans in public facilities as an example. Some of the trash cans that have been used for a long time are dilapidated, either missing the lid or broken. What is slightly better is that the style is old and dusty, which has discounted the image of the city.

Although the main function of public facilities is to make it convenient for the people rather than eye-catching, wouldn't it be better to make the appearance of public facilities livelier and brighter and become a "landscape facility" if conditions permit. Perhaps a small change can refresh people and add luster to the image of the city.


With the continuous advancement of urbanization, urban environmental problems have become more and more prominent. The outdoor trash can is of great significance in protecting the urban environment and has played a significant role. The outdoor trash can is a landscape of a city's sanitation infrastructure. Its style and cleanliness reflect the city's management level and civilization.

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