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What waste can be recycled?

MAX focuses on producing stainless steel recyclable bins and has a lot to share in environmental protection. Today we're going to talk about recyclables.

We are very lucky now that most of our rubbish can be recycled, which is good news for our planet!

What is recycling? Recycling is the process of separating specific materials, usually plastic, metal, paper, cardboard, and glass, from waste and transferring them to a facility for reuse. Recycling also provides a sustainable solution that reduces our investment in urban landfills and helps to extend their life expectancy by decades, greatly reducing their impact on the environment.

Single-stream recycling, the most common option for many waste handlers and the preferred option for the waste industry, allows customers to place all their recycling in one container, which is then moved to a recycling center and separated by a team of experts. This method has both advantages and disadvantages, and the disadvantages are very important.

Advantages of single-stream recovery:

One container for all recycled materials.

You shouldn't put recycling in bags, you should throw it in the trash.

There is no need for separation. If it is accepted, throw it into the same container.

Disadvantages of single waste recycling:

Contamination can destroy the entire load

If unacceptable material or waste ends up in the trash cans, all waste must be sent to a landfill for disposal

Most people are not familiar with the fact that different devices accept different materials.

Pollution is the biggest problem facing recycling today. People throw things in that they shouldn't, like greased cardboard, plastic bags or paint cans, and then pour everything in. If it ends up in the recycling center, any near contaminated parts can also be removed, causing the device to slow down and pressure.

What waste can be recycled?

1. Recyclable "waste paper recycling" project:

Office paper only

Clean board

2. Recyclable "organic recycled" items:


Pruning plant branches and leaves

Fruits and vegetables

Scraps on the plate include meat, fish and leftovers

Coffee grounds


3. Recyclable "hybrid recycling" project:

Glass bottle

Clean board

The newspaper


Office paper

Aluminum cans

Milk & juice cartons

Disposable coffee lid

4. Recyclable items of the "soft rubber recycling" category:

Bread bag (no tie)

Pasta and rice bags

Plastic wrap

Plastic bags

Cookies package

Frozen food bag

Green recycling bag

Candy bag

Bubble wrap

5. Items that cannot be recycled or need to be put into the general garbage can:

Drinking glassware

Broken pottery

Packing belt

Adhesive tape


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