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Which Materials of Trash Cans Are Environmentally Friendly 1

Environment-friendly trash cans, also called environmental sanitation trash cans, are large ones that are not used in household. They often appear in streets, parks, communities, etc, and are made of the following materials:

1. Plastic trash can are products of HDPE Molds High-density polyethylene (HDPE).
There are three kinds of plastic materials circulating on the market: plastics that are newly-made of unused HDPE, plastics that are mixed with 80% new HDPE amd 20% recycled ones, and plastics that only made of recycled materials. Although many businessmen claim that their products are brand-new, those products are not as they advertized.

In terms of modeling, the plastic trash cans on the market are different in shape, but they don't  differ greatly -  cans with wheels or no wheel, with pedals or no pedal. If the trash cans are equipped with pedals, they can be further divided into pedals that are put in central or lateral position. Talking about thickness, generally, the thickness of the can wall is 5mm, but we also have thicker ones, whose thickness can reach 6mm or 8mm. There's no doubt that some trash cans are products of insufficient materials, they are much thinner, with a thickness of only 3 mm.

(1) Acid, alkali and corrosion resistance, strong weather resistance;

(2) Avoid the risk of being hurt by the lid;

(3) The surface is bright and clean, reducing waste residue, and it is easy to clean;

(4) It can be overlapped with each other to facilitate transportation and save space and cost;

2. FRP garbage can: it is generally composed of fiberglass and organic resin.
There are two kinds of manufacturing processes for FRP garbage cans in the world. One is pure technology manufacturing. The buckets produced in this way have a large thickness and strong resistance to beating. The defect is that the quality is not stable enough and the thickness of the barrel body is different. The second is molding. The barrel produced in this way has large production capacity, relatively smooth surface and uniform quality. The defect is that the early investment is relatively large, the barrel body is relatively thin and the parts are subject to outstanding constraints of the equipment. In terms of style aspect: the FRP trash can made by craft has great flexibility, and there are many styles on the market, so there are many choices. In terms of thickness, most of them are "two thick and two thin", that is, two layers of thick fiberglass cloth and two layers of thin fiberglass cloth, totally 3mm.

(1) high strength, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, no deformation under sun exposure, UV resistance and easy cleaning.
(2) The garbage collection capacity is large and the solid and durable service life is long.
(3) No value of misappropriation and recovery.
(4) Clean, beautiful, eye-catching and non fading.
(5) Prevent from being burnt by cigarette butts.

3. Steel plate dustbin: it is generally made of steel plate by cutting, bending, grinding and welding, and the surface is treated by electrostatic spraying.
There are two kinds of materials used in the steel plate garbage can on the market: one is cold-rolled steel plate, the other is galvanized steel plate. The cold-rolled steel plate is easy to rust. Fortunately, the surface is sprayed with plastic to solve this problem. However, it is not allowed to bump or scratch, otherwise, the maintenance of the paint layer will be lost, and the damaged parts will be easy to rust. Compared with cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel has a slightly higher degree of rust resistance, while stainless steel has a lot of disadvantages. The price is a little more expensive than cold-rolled steel, but it is the best choice for customers who require high cost performance. In terms of modeling, since the product does not need to open the mold, there will be no mold cost, so it is generally not particularly messy, and can be customized. In terms of thickness: generally, the wall thickness of general buckets is 1.0mm, and there are also thickened ones, reaching 1.2mm or 1.5mm. Of course, there are also Jerry built ones, with a thickness of only 0.8mm. It is suggested that we should pay more attention to it when we are purchasing. Trash cans which are too thin are easy to sink. 


(1) Electrostatic spray, bright color, rust proof, UV resistant, corrosion resistant.

(2) There are many styles and fashionable shapes.

(3) The price is moderate.

4. Stainless steel dustbin: it is generally made of stainless steel plate cutting, bending, polishing and welding. The surface can be selected for color plating.

There are two kinds of stainless steel trash cans on the market: one is 201 stainless steel, the other is 304 stainless steel.
201 is characterized by high manganese content, bright surface with dark light. The one with high manganese content will rust easily when encountering high temperature water vapor.
304 contains more chromium. Its surface appears matte and does not rust. Put the two together, there will be a comparison.
The most important thing is that the corrosion resistance function is different. 201 is relatively poor in corrosion resistance, so the price is much cheaper. 201 contains low nickel, so the price is lower than 304, and the corrosion resistance is not as good as 304.

In terms of modeling, since the product does not need to open the mold, there will be no mold cost, so it is generally not particularly messy, and can be customized. Thickness: it is the same as the steel plate garbage can; the wall thickness of the general can is 1.0mm, and there are thickened ones, reaching 1.2mm or 1.5mm. Characteristics:
(1) Stainless steel raw materials. It is not easy to rust, it is corrosion-resistant and sun proof.

(2) Many styles, high-level modeling, good quality.

(3) The stainless steel garbage cans can be separated from the pollutants very well, and the cleaning is also very convenient.

(4) Stainless steel dustbin is fireproof and has a long service life.

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